248.  What a number.  What weighs 248 lbs?  The pallet weight for iPod accessories does.  One of the NFL’s top 10 college prospects does.  The approximate shipping weight for a commercial grade dog kennel does.  And me.  Well…I did on Thanksgiving 2009 morning.  Yep…I was leaving the next day for Africa and I was concerned.  What if I couldn’t get the seat belt on?  What if they had to bring me an extension?  I would be horrified.  What if the plane was over its weight capacity?  Would a bag be taken off or me?  See how crazy this thing is??  Yeah..I was there… but so was God. 

Here’s how it played out….

In my prayer time throughout the eight weeks prior to Thanksgiving, I had begun asking God to be my trainer.  I know some of you might think it silly or “super religious” but my thought was this…If I believed in creation, that God created the heavens and the earth…which included myself…why would I not go to the manufacturer if I was broken?  I would do it for my ipod…or anything else that was broken….why not for myself?  So I did.  And I began over time, with what I believe to be His help, to put together a game plan.  See…the Bible says “Man makes the plans but God orders His steps”  Hmmm…I can put together any plan I want but if its outside what He has/desires for me, I don’t want it…not even for a second.  So He and I kept talkin…and what grew out of our time together was revolutionary for me.  Ready?  My starting point?  “Health, born out of service.”  Seriously, thats what I heard and did…and am continuing to do. With every prayer the eight week prior, I was lifting the bars of my box…I was surrendering to the process of change…of healing….and at the end of the eight weeks I was ready, with God’s help, to put together an action plan.

What does that look like?  I’m glad you asked…this is how its working out for me…

The week before Thanksgiving, I met with Molly…we will talk more about her in the coming weeks…but for now, Molly is my friend who happens to be my dietician.  Who would have thought when my doctor sent me to her, that it would take us halfway across the world and back!!  But it did and I am forever grateful for ordered steps!!  So Molly had been talking to me about my diabetes meds for a while.  I was talking Riomet and Actos and my weight was increasing and the more I read about it, all things pointed to Actos.   Not good.  It’s known to affect some people this way and I was one of the lucky ones!!  Molly and I talked about options and things she knew about various meds and I did my homework on my own (which I recommend to anyone that is taking meds)….and then talked to my doc.  I switched to Byetta  two days before Thanksgiving and after the initial 24 hours it needs to sit in the fridge for, I started taking it.  Well…I started it the day after Thanksgiving…at like 4am before I left for the airport to go to Africa…LOL!!!  Lets be clear…Im not making the recommendation to start a new med on a trip but this was the direction I was given and I followed it.  It helped that Molly was on this little endeavor with me and I had total confidence in her to assist if I needed it!    So my meds changed…and then I went to Africa….

This is where it gets good…

Africa…Swaziland…South Africa…breathtaking.  Service.  He got me moving…Health out of service.  How?  He got me beyond myself so He could start healing my self… This is good…dont miss this….He got me beyond myself to heal my (space) self. 

I had to get out of the way.  🙂 

We went to Swaziland to assist at the Swaziland School of Theology and out of those projects came movement, healthier eating (I havent seen a Jack in the Box in Africa yet!!), and silence.  Remember at this point, I was still in my box and learning to be still and let Him be God over my life…and the quiet in Africa is like none other I’ve experienced.  So while we painted, scrapped, walked up this crazy hill and a thousand steps (Seemed like it!!) every morning, etc…I was in training.  I had to get to the top of the hill…It was where we did all our work, ate our meals, had our devotions…everything except sleep…and let me tell you, I was fortunate (There might be a hint of sarcasm here…fortunate….yeah…) to be staying in the dorms closest to the bottom of the hill…  Wasnt I lucky?  Did I mention that Molly is in ubber good shape?  Oh…and that I’m not?!! LOL!!!  But it was every morning…and god forbid that I forgot anything when I came up the first time in the morning…because then I would have to go back down only to come back up moments later.  It was grueling…awful even…and I found muscles I never knew existed…and they (my muscles) were as unhappy to meet my acquaintance as  I was to meet theirs.  For sure.  health out of service.  Yes!!  God and I had much conversation during that time and the relationships I formed while there are second to none….and how He used those around me to encourage, love and spur me on was amazing…most of the time, none of them knew the impact they were making to my “training”…but they did…and I am so grateful.  We did so much walking during that trip and it was fantastic…in hindsight.  And I gained confidence in myself and in my God.  WOW!!

Id like to tell you the 16 days I was gone that it got easier walking up that hill…it didnt.  I’d like to tell you that I felt “healthier” when it was all over…I didnt.  But I can tell you that it was a time like no other…and began a path of discipline both physically and spiritually that I choose to continue today…a month later.  I choose.  Some days are better than others…  Some days I choose not to follow what I know to be truth and fail miserably…  EVERY DAY, I know He loves me, has called me according to His purposes, and sweeps my temple…right alongside me.  Amazing love, how can it be… *smile*  It just is…and its mine for the receiving…And I choose to receive that too.

Between the new meds (Byetta and Riomet) and putting action and motion to my life, I have a new number.  236.  It’s been put on notice.  There are no squatters here and it will have to move on soon…as I keep moving…pressing on to the mark…that is only in Him.   

Keep Sweeping….

5 thoughts on “248

  1. This is AWESOME Brenda – God is doing a deep work in you which is way past just the physical temple – I’m so glad to be a “tag along” on your “sweeping the temple” journey! Thanks for including me ♥

  2. Brenda – Hi love the post. btw I counted, 60 steps, more if we went to Stan and Sue’s (I didnt count those). And No it wasn’t east especially if you were following Kris who just hauled butt up there! Great job on the weight loss.

  3. ok…so I am reading this, stuffing my face with breakfast from Burger King, because I hadn’t eaten anything since 10pm lastnight, I’ve got to say I need to get myself in motion. Im so glad you’re writing again. I’ve missed it. but more than that, I’m happy you have a new number, at least one that you’re pleased with. 🙂 You can sweep the temple, but mine needs to be gutted and remodeled… 🙂 Maybe God would be able to help me with a corporate downsizing of my own? LOL

  4. Ok…that didn’t work like I hoped. SORRY JOHN~~~

    I posted the comment above and for some reason, it had JOhn’s name in it. John Didn’t Post it… I did.

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