With a Heart of Thanksgiving…

A quiet house.  A quiet dog.  Husband at work and the kids out for the evening.  Work sits silent.  And the voice of my Creator, my Father, the One that knows me best…beckons.

“Come talk to me…or just listen for awhile…I want to share some things with you…”

And He did.  And I will never be the same.

November 19th, 2011.

I hear you, Lord.

Ever have that moment where it all comes to a head?  Ever have that moment that everything builds to a place that you think its all going to implode?  Or you will?  Ever feel like “If one more things happens?” or “If I get one more bad report…”  Yeah…I know that place.

The details of where I sit right now dont matter.  He knows.  The place my heart sits right now?  Yeah, He knows that too.  Too vague?  Maybe but He says that the details dont matter, only my response to them does.  He says that in my weakness He is strong, Im counting on it.  He says the time for half ass compliance is over and putting all that is behind and pressing on is the new lense we are looking through now.  Total obedience, regardless.  No matter what the doctors say, He says YOU SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE!!!!!

What do the days ahead look like?  I dont know but I do know that starting tomorrow…it will be different.  I will be different.  I know the steps and I do know that He has put everything I need inside me to live and succeed and be compliant with everything He says.  And I am going to walk it out.  And I am going to journal it here…for you and with you. 

230…Its my weight.  I am 41 years old.  I am very sick.  They say I will be blind and not walking in 6 years.  They are wrong.  My body shuts down at 7pm every night and I can barely walk.  They are still wrong.  My husband helps me to bed every night.  I love it but they are, most certainly, still wrong. 

My entire life I have asked God for 100,000 women to stand before and tell them He loves them.  Every vision of this that He gives me is of my walking to the podium and standing.  WALKING and STANDING and I could SEE them.  That hasnt happened yet and my destiny says its mine.  I WILL be there on that day.  I WILL WALK.  I WILL STAND.  I WILL SEE.  And NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER. 

Tomorrow.  Like never before I feel a fire ignited within me and I cant fail for great is His faithfulness to me and I shall be faithful in return.  One year from now…on December 31st, 2012.  I will see the fruition of my steps.  I will see the victory over sickness, addiction and half ass living.  My family will walk in unity, joy shall be my fruit and love be my guide.

Will you join me?

I’ve picked up my broom once again, friends…its dusty but its usefulness never went away….I did.  We start sweeping in 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Get your rest, its going to be a great adventure. 

And we will do it with a Heart of Thanksgiving.

I love you and am praying for you and ask the same in return.

Start Sweeping!

One thought on “With a Heart of Thanksgiving…

  1. beautifully vulnerable in a way that necessitates a call to live…a beckon to peace…a desire to walk with you, still….an invitation, in essence.

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