I’m Nothing Without You…

A girlfriend sent this to me four years ago and I just fell upon it again…too good not to share!
I’m Nothing Without You…

Lord I trust you, you mean so much to me.
Lord I’m nothing without you
I give you all I say and do.
Lord you’re all I want to see
Please close my eyes and mind to the lies that haunt me.
You’re the only perfect one,
So perfect I’ll never be.
And I’m okay with that.
Lord my body is your temple
And I want to treat it that way
Lord take away the obsession
To need to control how much I weigh.
Lord, I don’t know the reasons I do the things I do.
Please make them clear to me
So I can work on them and improve
Until then Lord I offer them all to you.
Lord you said no man can serve two gods
And right now I feel I do.
I’m so concerned about food
That it gets in the way of you.
Lord, I’m sorry for disobeying
And I’m sorry for not trusting you.
You’ve brought me this far so I know you won’t leave
Lord, I give you my life and my body
I give you everything.

One thought on “I’m Nothing Without You…

  1. This is great, Brenda – reminds me of Joyce Meyers – in her book “The battlefield of your mind” – as we battle those thoughts and try to correct with His help – the lies that we buy into.

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