Yesterday, on my commute home, I was talking to a girlfriend about foods that we don’t allow in our houses for one reason or another. These reasons included allergies, intolerance, and challenges with portion control. Ultimately, choice. I realized in the midst of the conversation that I was running low on petrol so I disconnect from my girlfriend and stopped to get gas at Kennydale…yeah…the Chevron with the little grocery store for you local folks. So let’s get it out of the way and talk about the elle in the room…there are NO good choices at this little store…LOL!! FOR REAL. Knowing I am hours away from food and due to poor planning and a headache, I buy a bag of Ritz cracker and peanut butter sandwiches. You know, the little bag of goodness?! Yeah…The bag said that there were three servings in each bag (12 little bite sized sandwiches made up a serving.) and so I ate my one serving. I call my girlfriend back and quickly note to her that I may have found something that CANNOT be in my house. These little ditties were distracting and I could have SWORN that the bag was calling to me!! Seriously. My girl, GINA, says, “Well yeah, it’s PB between butter! Throw it out the window, I don’t care if you litter!!!”


I tossed the bag in the backseat and out of reach but WOW, that was close! I would have eaten the whole bag!! It’s disposed of now (In the garbage) but my point is twofold…One, who is your support that screams, “Throw it out the window!!!”?! Is your issue food? Toxic relationships? Negative self-talk to the one in the mirror?

Let me say it in case you don’t have that support, “THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW!!!!”

It’s not serving you well, get rid of it! Jesus said that he came that we might have life and life more abundantly…toxic living, at any degree, isn’t abundance, Tribe. His desire is for us to get freedom and victory in these areas and trust him in the process.

He’s got you.

While I could just stop there…let me press in just a bit further…in regards to food alone. What are some food items in your house, car, or office that perhaps are no longer serving you? I challenge you today to be brave and discard just one item and choose to not allow it to enter that area again. Just one. Nothing more. For today. 🙂 God loves you so much, Tribe…He began the good work in us, let’s trust him today to complete it. I’m praying for you!

Keep Sweeping!



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