A Challenge to the Church as we Keep Up with the Kardashians

Hey Church….There’s been a lot of news/posts/sports op-ed pieces written today about Lamar Odom and his being found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada. News of possible cocaine, alcohol and sexual enhancement supplement use has him in the hospital with his wife, Khloe Kardashian by his side and possibly fighting for his life. As the church, there are some things we need to remember.
In the midst of it all, we can never overlook the workings of God and the Holy Spirit. We are called to be in the world but not of it and to remain kingdom minded.
And we never act in regards to anything without love.
I’m surprised at some of the things written and honestly, saddened by the response/comments of many. Everyone is entitled to have their opinions and hear me in that I respect their right to say whatever they want, but as the wife of a man that has spent the last 10 years choosing sobriety and choosing life above cocaine and other drugs, I pray every day that God keep us and keep my husband in His grip.
We are all one decision away of walking outside the will of God and His victory. Lamar is no different.
I’m grateful for the tribe my family has that allows us to talk openly and come for accountability and love but others aren’t always so lucky. I pray no one calls my husband the things that have been said about Lamar as he is challenged each day to do life, in spite of his upbringing and circumstances. It would be tragic if God is bringing about all the circumstances of Lamar and Khloe’s lives for His purposes and we miss a chance to activate the heavens on their behalf while we sit in judgment and not partner with them in prayer.
What if God is creating the visibility to this issue to activate the Saints to battle? THESE are the one we are warring for, Church!! He came to set free those in bondage and heal the brokenhearted. What would you have said/done if someone, struggling with addiction, was found at a legal brothel, and you were the one that got the call to help?
Would you show them Jesus or judgment?
Would you stop as the man did on the Samaritan Road and pick them up, clean their wounds and help them heal? I pray to God that any of you sitting in judgment today of Lamar and his choices, would answer my call…come to my aid…and love me as Jesus does. Don’t make ANYONE in your sphere of influence or with visibility to your venom today doubt you wouldn’t do the same for them. They just may need your Jesus in those moments and wish they had someone to call. They won’t forget your words or action and may suffer the same fate as Lamar. Shame on us if we lose just one…because of something we could have controlled.
Especially, our unbridled tongue.

I’m praying we continue to grow and mature in Him, seek His words and wisdom and do what we know to do best, Tribe. Listen, Pray, Serve.

I’m praying for us all.  May we be the Church to a connection-starved world that just wants to be seen and heard. And valued…just as we are.

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