American Arsenal

This woman, the blogger writes about, is my friend, my inspiration and my sister. You wont find a more dedicated woman to being the best version of herself and inspiring others to do the same. It is a well written, thoughtful expression of honor and gratitude from one American to another. From one life giver about another. Bravo!

We don’t personally know each other. Somehow through “creeping” one profile to the next, we became Instagram friends some time ago. Maybe it was that we both have huskies, solid American pride, and share a love for wine and a passion for working out. Or maybe it is that we both see truth in the quote “what if I CAN do it”. She even has a little journalism background as an Advertising Executive at CBS Radio.

I am inspired by a woman who I have never met and you’ll see why. She is an American Soldier. Her name is Jennifer Ruth Davis and she’s a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army. She currently serves as an Intelligence Analyst for a National Cyber Protection Team under the U.S. Army Cyber Command.


I don’t even know what that means but she clearly is a bad ass. And smart. She must be smart. She is…

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