Let Them See You in Me, Lord

It’s my heart’s cry. You know the one. It’s the cry that resonates so loudly in the chambers of you heart that if there were nothing left, it would cry out and ripple throughout every fiber of your being. Let them see You in me, Lord.

Let them see that there Is.Nothing,Left.But.You.

I am a life surrendered to the process of holy sacrifice even in the midst of my humanity.  In the midst of my angst with my thoughts, weariness over career, and the life-changing adventure of marriage and motherhood…nevermind the beckoning of full-time ministry. Let them see you, Lord.  Let them see the God who meets us at our best and worst. The God in the moments that we soar and those we wonder if we will ever find solid footing again.

It’s all I want.  Let them see you in me, Jesus.



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